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Full Stack Developer Training Syllabus

Well trained domain experts deliver the premium content through case studies, real-time projects, assignments and live sessions.

  • Elements
  • Attributes
  • Content
  • Comments
  • Heading
  • Paragraph
  • Formating
  • Block&Inline
  • Link
  • Tables
  • List
  • Image
  • Media [Video, Audio]
  • Forms
  • Symantic
  • Elements
  • Meta tags
  • Styles
  • Script
  • Favicon
  • Iframe
  • Entities
  • Computer Code
  • Coding Practice
  • Encoding

  • Introduction
  • Syntax
  • Selectors
  • Units
  • Comments
  • Types
  • Text
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Specificity
  • !important
  • Backgrounds
  • Links
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Display
  • Box Model (Box-sizing, Margin, Border, Padding, Width, Height)
  • Flexbox
  • Web Fonts
  • Icons
  • Media Queries
  • Position
  • Overflow
  • Pseudo-class
  • Pseudo-element
  • Opacity
  • Filters
  • Rounded Corners
  • Shadows (Text Shadow, Box Shadow)
  • 2D Transforms
  • Transitions
  • Animations

  • Installation & Setup, Python Virtual Env
  • Numbers, Strings, Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples Sets & Boolean
  • Control Flow
  • Functions
  • Lambda Functions
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Classes & objects
  • Class Inheritance
  • Decorators with parameters
  • Mutability
  • URL mappings
  • Template engines introduction [Jinja 2]
  • Loading templates
  • Template variables
  • Template control structures
  • Template inheritance
  • Static files
  • Creating modules
  • Population scripts
  • Views paradigm
  • Forms
  • Form Validation
  • URL template inheritance
  • Template filters & custom filters
  • Template Inheritance
  • Passwords, User models
  • pyunit

  • What is an API?
  • Installing Flask
  • HTTP Verbs
  • REST Principles
  • Creating our application endpoints
  • Returning a list of stores
  • Implementing other endpoints
  • Using Postman for API testing
  • Setting up Flask-RESTful
  • Creating Item Resource
  • The ItemList and creating Items
  • Authentication and logging
  • DELETE to delete Items
  • PUT to create or update Items
  • Advanced request parsing with Flask-RESTful
  • Optimising our final code and request parsing
  • Connect MongoDB database from Python
  • Logging in and retrieving Users from a database
  • Signing up and writing Users to a database
  • Preventing duplicate usernames when signing users up
  • Retrieving our Item resources from a database
  • Writing our Item resources to a database
  • Deleting our Item resources from the database
  • Refactoring insertion of items
  • The PUT method with database interaction
  • Retrieving many items from the database
  • Connection a MongoDB with python and build an end to end 8 application from UI, Business layer to DB
  • CI/CD sample building the application using Jenkins

  • Introduction
  • Data Types
  • Variable
  • Storage
  • Operators
  • Expressions
  • Conditions
  • Loops
  • Scope
  • Functions
  • Built-in Functions
  • Array
  • Built-in Array Methods
  • Objects
  • Math
  • Date
  • window
  • navigator
  • document

  • Introduction
  • Understanding "let" and "const"
  • Arrow Functions
  • Exports and Imports
  • Understanding Classes
  • Classes, Properties and Methods
  • The Spread & Rest Operator
  • Destructuring
  • Reference and Primitive Types
  • Refreshing Array Functions
  • Create React App
  • React JSX
  • React Components
  • React Functional Components
  • React Class Components
  • React Props
  • React State
  • React Lists
  • React Lifecycle
  • React Event Handling
  • React CSS
  • React Forms
  • React Fragments
  • React Hooks
  • React Router
  • React Context
  • React Redux

  • Understanding Databases, Collections & Documents, Schemas & Relations: How to Structure Documents
  • Exploring The Shell & The Server, Using the MongoDB Compass to Explore Data Visually
  • Diving Into Create Operations, Read Operations - A Closer Look, Update
  • Operations, Understanding Delete Operations, Working with Indexes, Working with Geospatial Data
  • Understanding the Aggregation Framework, Working with Numeric Data
  • MongoDB & Security
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Full Stack Developer Course Overview

This Full Stack Developer Program is designed to give you the essence of front-end, middleware, and back-end web developer technologies. You will learn to build an end-to-end application, test and deploy code, store data using MongoDB, and much more.

Key Features

Full-Stack covers of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, React JS with Python.

Experience with Databases such as Mongo DB, and MySQL.

Proficiency in server-side programming such as Python.

Build real-world applications like Amazon, Bookmyshow, etc.

Start building your project from Day 1 with 100% hands-on training.

Career mentoring through live sessions with industry experts.

Land a job within 6 months of graduation.

Premium Job placements from top Tech and internet companies.

Industry recognized certification.

Fabevy Job Guarantee Program

Boost your career as a Full Stack Developer with Fabevy's comprehensive job quarantoo program that assures you a job within 3 months of course completion.

Placement Assured

We assure 100% Job Guarantee for committed students who completes their tasks periodically.

Secure top Software Development jobs.

Career Mentoring

Tailor-made career guidance from industry experts.

Profile building and resume enhancement assistance.

Interview Preparation

Mock interview sessions to help you crack that technical round

Soft-skill training so that you leave an indelible impression at the interview

Full Stack Developer Course Details

Become a certified full-stack developer, perfect your coding skills and accelerate your career with Fabevy's Full Stack Developer program to get your dream job.


Welcome class for Full Stack Developer

Get started with the Full Stack Developer Program and explore everything about the program.

Phase-1: Implement Webpages using HTML & CSS

Brush up on your knowledge with software development fundamentals, introduction to HTML & CSS, Understand Tags, Block, Inline & Empty tags, Fonts, Forms, iFrames, video & audio, CSS Selectors, Formatting, Box Model, Flex box & Project Webpage.

Phase-2: JavaScript

Intoduction, Basics, External JavaScript, Operators, Loops & Iteration, JavaScript Break & Continue Reserved words, Arrays, Functions, Objects, Typeof Keyword.

Phase-3: Bootstrap and React JS

Learn Bootstrap a popular front-end framework that provides web developers with a set of pre-designed HTML,CSS and JavaScript components and styling templates,to create responsive and mobile-first web pages quickly and easily. ReactJS is a popular open-source JavaScript library that is used for building a user interface with the ability to handle complex and dynamic user interfaces with ease.

Phase-4: Learn Phython as Back-end Programming language

Learn a programming language such as Python and get familiar with its syntax, data structures, and control structures.

Phase 5: Learn about Databases and API's

Understanding how to design, query and manage databases is a fundamental skill for a back-end developer. You can start with SQL databases like MySQL.Learn how to install, configure, and manage a web server like Apache or NGINX.APIs are used to allow different applications to communicate with each other. Learn how to design, build and consume RESTful APIs and build projects.

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Flask (Blue Print) based API


  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript

  • React

  • Python

  • MongoDB

  • Git

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